Story by Nicole Rigas, Photography by Jay Lopez (Young Hero) and Matteo Prandoni (BFA), Video by Daniele Sarti (Young Hero), Art Direction by Xavier Gallego

Revelatory. Groundbreaking. Better than leather. These were some of the reactions we heard last week when we revealed Reishi™ to the world for the first time at New York Fashion Week.

“To see giant sheets of it [Reishi] rolled out on a table in Il Buco on Monday night was nothing short of revelatory.” – Emily Farra, Vogue

Erin Pollard, Summer Rayne Oakes and Elettra Rossellini Wiedemann attend a private dinner for Reishi at Il Buco.

Events began with a private dinner and Q&A at Il Buco, hosted by model and writer, Elettra Rossellini Wiedemann. Over good food and conversation, we presented sheets of Reishi to some of the art, fashion and media industries’ most notable influencers—including Vogue’s Emily Farra, who wrote this story about her experience. “To see giant sheets of it rolled out on a table in Il Buco on Monday night was nothing short of revelatory,” she writes, “A wide expanse of Reishi had been embossed with a pebble finish, and another golden-tan stack of it had developed a gorgeous natural patina.”

“Touching Reishi solidifies belief in it.” – David Graver, Coolhunting

After years of perfecting Reishi alongside our brand partners, we were excited to invite the fashion world to experience it in person—and there was no better way to do so than a showroom in Nolita. Over the next four days, hundreds of editors, designers and thought leaders stopped by our appointment-only showroom on Elizabeth Street, eager to experience Fine Mycelium™ for the first time—and it was met with more positive feedback than we could have ever hoped for. We realized that we can talk about Reishi all day long, but nothing compares to the sensory appeal of an in-person experience. As Coolhunting summed up, “Touching Reishi solidifies belief in it.”


Visitors touch Reishi Fine Mycelium for the first time at our New York Showroom during Fashion Week.
Visitors to our Elizabeth Street showroom experience Reishi for the first time.

But the showroom was about so much more than just our material; it signalled the launch of the Reishi brand. This was the first time we had presented Reishi in its entirety: our name, our website, our concept, content and creative point of view. We were humbled to see Reishi tote bags on their way to their next show, to hear the words “fine mycelium” mentioned in passing, and to discover a like-minded community through the @madewithreishi Instagram. Finally, it wouldn’t be a Fashion Week event without a party. We celebrated with a live show from 70s post-punk band, Television.

It’s clear from the reactions we heard over the past week that the fashion world is clamoring for sustainable, natural options for leather that do not compromise on performance, quality or aesthetics. Following twenty years of design and development, we are incredibly proud to present Reishi to the world to address those needs. But this launch is just a taste of things to come; over the past 18 months, some of the world’s leading luxury brands have been prototyping with Reishi, and we’re excited for their debut this year. Sign up for our newsletter to stay informed.


Elettra Rossellini Wiedemann outside the Reishi showroom at New York Fashion Week 2020